Hair Straightener Philips HP8372 Review

  • Thank you for being a product tester at Philips. I was very happy about the Philips AutoCurler curling iron (BHB876 / 00). I am very happy with the curling iron. I wanted a good curling iron, with which I can get light waves but also with which I can conjure up beautiful curls for the evening. When I opened the packaging, I was already enthusiastic about the product, because the curling iron lies very well in the hand, it is not too heavy and I also like the design and material very much. The curling iron does not look cheap, but very high quality. When I used the curling iron for the first time, I didn’t know what to do. Then I read the operating instructions and then I was aware of how the curling iron works. Furthermore, it wasn’t clear to me how many strands of hair to put in the curling iron, but with the great material that came with it, it works pretty well. I would advise everyone to read the operating instructions carefully beforehand, because without it, I would not have known how the curling iron works. In the end I am very happy with my product and I would recommend it to everyone. The curls look beautiful and natural. They also last all day, which is particularly important to me. Thanks again for testing a product at Philips. I am still very enthusiastic about my product.

  • I was allowed to try this product for free as part of a product test and hereby give my honest opinion. I am really very satisfied with the StyleCare Prestige AutoCurler (BHB876 / 00) because it makes wonderful curls that hold great! I used to use normal curling irons in the past, but they were always a bit complicated to use and it took ages for the hair to be done. In addition, they always came out steaming which cannot be good! Everything is much easier with the autocurler: insert the strand of hair, the curler pulls it in, turns it and after a few seconds when the device beeps, you can remove the strand and the curl is done. You can also set how strong the curl should be, how long it should be heated and in which direction it should be turned. Depending on the situation, you can curl your hair individually. The curls hold with me all day and even over the night, although I have very straight hair, with which nothing else lasts particularly long. The only problem I found is that sometimes I had problems with my long hair, that individual strands got tangled, but then the device goes off immediately and nothing happens to the hair. In addition, it is sometimes difficult to curl the hair completely up to the top. But that’s definitely a question of practice and handling. Unfortunately, due to the shape of the curler, sometimes you don’t get straight to the head and it is also difficult at the back of the head to get all the strands nice and curly. All in all, I am absolutely delighted with the Auto Curler and very satisfied. I would definitely recommend it.

  • I was able to test the curling iron free of charge as part of a product test via Philips, Philips has no influence on my rating. The use of the curling iron is simple: First you can make three selections: temperature, duration and curling direction, there are 3 different setting options for this. This allows you to decide whether you want loose curls or defined ones, and you can also protect your hair with a low temperature setting. The curling iron heats up very quickly (approx. 30 seconds) and is then ready for use. You put a hair tear in the opening and press the “Start” button, the hair is then automatically drawn in, turned a few times and then heated for the set time. After continuous beeping, the curls are ready. My conclusion: So far I have curled with the flat iron, the results would therefore be poor. The curling iron is super easy to use and you will soon have great curls without effort. However, curls made with the straightener last longer on my hair than those with the curling iron. Furthermore, you can unfortunately only insert small tears of hair, which results in correspondingly smaller curls, here you have little variation. Overall, I recommend the curling iron because it has never been so easy and quick to get great curls.

  • I received the product free of charge as part of a product test. However, this has no impact on my rating. The design of the product looks classy and modern. It is also suitable for small hands and lies securely in the hand. Whether you are left-handed or right-handed, the product makes curls very easy. My hair is very thick and usually doesn’t stay in shape for long. I am very surprised with this product. My curls last without hairspray and also overnight. Two small points bother me: 1. Since my hair is very thick and I have a lot of hair, it takes a little longer. I have the feeling that a conventional curling iron is faster. 2. The second point is that unfortunately you can’t get light waves with the device, such as with a conventional curling iron. But that’s just a small point. In summary, I can only recommend the product. The product is super easy to use and easily conjures up beautiful curls that stay in shape for a very long time!

  • I received the product free of charge (or at a discount) as part of a product test and Philips has no editorial influence on the rating. The device is easy to use. It makes beautiful curls that last a long time. You just have to be careful not to take too large sections of the hair, otherwise the hair will get tangled in the device. However, this is not a problem, because the protective function automatically switches the device off and you can easily get the hair out of the device. However, I would say that the device is only suitable for medium or short hair and not for long hair like mine. Due to the thickness and length of my hair, I need a lot more time with this curling iron than with conventional curling irons, for the reason mentioned above that you can only use thin sections of hair. The product description states that a beep sounds after the hair has been completely rolled up and another beep after the seconds set on the device. However, there is no second tone for me and you have to count in your head yourself how long you have already wrapped your hair around the curling iron, which is not bad.

  • I got this product for testing. My hair has a length of about 22cm and I unfortunately had to find that it is not so suitable for somewhat shorter hair. For this reason, I had the product tested by a friend and here is the result: After a short look at the instructions, we started, so as not to falsify the result, I forced my friend to try it on my own. The device was up to operating temperature and ready for use in a very short time, we started with the shortest time and the lowest temperature and started to feel for it (3 setting options each). The first 2 strands were separated with the included streak knife and from the third we had one Feeling for how much you should take. The device stopped when we had too much hair. We needed several attempts to get the hang of it, but after a short time it was really fast and we were used to the handling. A great result and she doesn’t want to give it up anymore. In the meantime, she managed to have her entire hair styled in 10 minutes. Top product!