Hair Straightener Philips HPS930 Review

  • The hair straightener is quite good. I received the hair straightener free of charge as part of a product test. Philips has no editorial influence on the rating. The hair straightener is visually very stylish and chic. However, too big for my taste. The buttons on the side irritated me a bit at the beginning, as I accidentally switched off the device while smoothing. I think the MositureProtect function is great. After straightening, my hair is not statically charged and is nice and silky. The straightener heats up quickly and is therefore quickly ready for use. With my thick hair I had to run the hair straightener through my hair several times to get it nice and smooth. Therefore, the flat iron is not suitable for my hair.

  • Review the product Philips Pro hair straightener HPS930 / 00 I have very stubborn, unruly hair, strong natural curls. Very difficult to straighten. So I was very excited to see if the product really did what it promised. Very nice, elegant packaging. You can tell that it is a brand manufacturer. The connection cable is nice and long, so no problem if the mirror is a little further away from the socket. Short heating time, the temperature control prevents unpleasant surprises. The protective cover also prevents the fingers from burning after use. My daughter tried the product, she has brittle long hair and she is enthusiastic about the shine and smoothness of her hair. Conclusion: we can only recommend the product! Very positive experience with it

  • I was allowed to test the Philips ThermoProtect. I now need it every day. I personally like the design very much, so the straightener looks very high quality. The color is white and pink with golden accents. The hair straightener does not have too many buttons, which ensures easy operation. Heating up was always very quick (only a few seconds), which is super positive if the device has to be ready quickly in the morning! 175 degrees is sufficient for normal hair. The Moisture Protect function can be easily switched on and off with one button. I always left it on. Compared to my previous devices, I was able to find a more pleasant, shiny and less dry feeling on the hair. In addition, you did not have to run over a strand several times until it became completely smooth. Styling waves is the only thing that is difficult for me with Moisture Protect. This had worked well with others in part. Now, of course, this is not the main function of a hair straightener.

  • I was able to test this straightener for almost 4 weeks as part of a Philips product test. Since I have been straightening my hair for years, I have of course some demands on my straightener, but this has fully met. This straightener has a chic and elegant design, looks very high quality and convinces with incredibly straight hair! It heats up very quickly and has a long cable, which I find absolutely practical. The protective cap is also well thought out, especially with small children! Furthermore, I had absolutely no problem with my very thick and unruly hair to get a convincing result. Only the rotary knob for setting the temperature seems a bit shaky to me, but you do not know whether this was desired or just not 100% suitable. But for me no reason not to recommend this product without hesitation.

  • I received the Philips MoistureProtect straightener HP8372 / 00 as part of a product test. Visually, the hair straightener is an absolute eye-catcher, great colors in a modern design. Due to its rounded surfaces, the device can not only be used for smoothing, but also great for curls! The temperature can be regulated at different levels, suitable for every hair structure. The hair straightener heats up within a few seconds. There is also a safety precaution in which the device switches itself off after a while.Only going over your hair was enough for me to achieve a perfect result. The hair feels soft and fresh after straightening. They shine and look healthy. I am very happy with the result, so I can definitely recommend the product.

  • I got Philips Pro hair straightener HPS930 / 00 for free to test the product. I am very positive about hair straighteners. When you unpack it, you notice the beautiful design. The other thing that is very good is the 2.5m long cable which has a very positive influence on handling. The temperature setting is kept uncomplicated and therefore really great. It is quickly to the desired temperature that you have set. The hair straightener lies well in the hand when straightening and makes the hair look shiny. You don’t feel any tugging during smoothing, also when doing waves. The hair does not look dry or spicy afterwards. For my part, I can highly recommend straighteners. The price-performance ratio is perfectly fine for the price.